Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.

-Antov Chekhov


Theories and processes provide foundation, but the only way to discover if a design works is to put it into practice. For this reason, Bioversum members dedicate a large portion of their time to the development of multi-tiered projects that apply the principles of biomimicry and circular economy and design.

As individual professionals and as a collective, we collaborate on a number of projects that use nature-inspired processes in the development cycle, including projects funded by commissions within the European Union, such as Horizon 2020, and institutional grants.

In order to bring the Bioversum vision into the present, we need to apply the knowledge acquired and test our research theories! For this reason, our members-individually and as a collective-collaborate on projects across the European Union and beyond. We integrate education, installations, and exhibits into our projects to share what we have learned in during the process.

Here is a partial list of our current projects:

HYDROUSA: Circular Economy, Circular Design

Along with Alchemia-nova GmbH, Bioversum participates in the EU-wide HYDROUSA research project funded by Horizon 2020. HYDROUSA focuses on water-scarce areas and closing water loops. It applies regenerative agriculture principles, biomimicry, and the principles of circular economy to accomplish its goals.

Alphabet of Life, Design Principles of Nature

The ALPHABET OF LIFE is an educational project and exhibit with nature-inspired design and artistry at its core. It showcases 26 design principles abstracted from strategies nature uses to survive and thrive on this planet-known as Life’s Principles in biomimicry. Using the alphabet in innovation processes facilitates scientific rigor through creativity.

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