Become a changemaker with tools inspired by nature’s genius

Bioversume Education, Workshops, and TrainingHard problems can often have simple solutions when you have the right nature-inspired tools and processes to work with. This is why education is at the core of Bioversum. Our members come from wide range of sectors, including design, architecture, plant research, biology, and more. True to nature’s principle, “Incorporate Diversity to Adapt to Changing Conditions”, our combined, real-world experiences add a rich layer to the already dense tools offered by our Biomimicry and Circular Economy workshops.

Bioversum offers a number of standard workshops throughout the year. And since we know that diversity can be found not just in the solutions, but sometimes in the problem itself, we are also available to custom tailor a workshop or team training to fit your organization’s specific needs.

Biomimicry Thinking Innovation Workshops

Design Challenge to Biology

½-day and 1-day introductions
2, 3, and 5-day workshops
Taught by: Biomimicry Certified Trainers with support from subject matter experts

Biology to Design

½-day and 1-day introductions
Taught by: Biomimicry Enthusiast and Certified Trainers in tandem with subject matter experts

Circular Economy Workshops

Systems approach to circular economy

We offer from multi-day workshops to self-paced courses based on your organization’s needs.
Taught by: Experts in value chain management, external procurement and true costs, service based business models, cascading resources, secondary raw material flow, and regenerative systems

Upcoming classes and events

In addition to trainings and workshops, our members speak around the world about working with nature-inspired processes within their given areas of expertise. Therefore, if you are looking for a dynamic presenter to inspire the creation of waste-free, resilient, adaptable, multi-functional, regenerative systems, contact us with your request. Whether it is a public or private event, let us show you the intelligence behind nature’s designs.

Nature provides guidance, models, and metrics for how to be generous and resilient, and we want to share our expertise with you. Look to us if you would like to collaborate on an educational, research, or developmental project inspired by nature’s principles.