In order to bring the Bioversum vision into the present, we need to apply the knowledge acquired and test our research theories! For this reason, our members-individually and as a collective-collaborate on projects across the European Union and beyond. We integrate education, installations, and exhibits into our projects to share what we have learned in during the process.

Here is a partial list of our current projects:


Hydrousa Regerative & Nature Based Water TechnologiesAlong with Alchemia-nova GmbH and 26 other partners, Bioversum participates in the EU-wide HYDROUSA research project funded by Horizon 2020 (Agreement #776643). HYDROUSA focuses on water-scarce areas and closing water loops. It applies regenerative agriculture principles, biomimicry, and the principles of circular economy to accomplish its goals. By reusing resources as nutrients for other ecosystems, we produce no waste. One of the many examples of this project is the wastewater treatment which feeds into the irrigation system for agricultural areas, as well as producing biogas for use as heating and power. Other nature-based processes used to close the water cycle are biomimetic saltwater desalination and vapor condensation. Details.

Alphabet of Life, Design Principles of Nature

The ALPHABET OF LIFE is an educational project and exhibit with nature-inspired design and artistry at its core. It showcases 26 design principles abstracted from strategies nature uses to survive and thrive on this planet-known as Life’s Principles in biomimicry. Using the alphabet in innovation processes facilitates scientific rigor through creativity. The application of the alphabet to design and its use as a sustainability benchmark drives sustainable innovation.

Based in the Werkraum Bregenzerwald, this project is co-sponsored by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) through an “Impact Innovation” grant. Research began in spring of 2017 and the exhibition and associated learning activities will open throughout the summer of 2018. The exhibit opens on June 22, 2018 and is open to the public from June 23 to October 6, 2018.

As a related event to the Alphabet of Life exhibit, Bioversum offers a Biomimicry summer workshop in cooperation with the European Biomimicry Association (EBA).

New Projects on the Horizon

Nature provides guidance, models, and metrics for how to build resilient and sustainable systems. At Bioversum, we want to share our expertise with you. Contact us if you are interested in collaborating with us on a project, educational program, or research study inspired by nature’s principles.