Bioversum – Nature Based Systems is a non-profit organization registered in Austria that is dedicated to the education, dissemination, integration, and research of theories, methods, and processes of innovations inspired by nature.

Our primary tools are  Biomimicry, Circular Economy, and Circular Design, yet we take inspiration from all nature-based approaches. Our members operate in a wide-range of sectors, including:

Bioversum member professions

and companies alike who wish to contribute to the co-creation of a sustainable future.

We thrive when collaborating on research and projects that lead to systemic sustainability and social innovations.

Our Vision is to contribute to the field of eco-friendly innovation and address sustainability issues through collaborative design approaches inspired by nature.


The world is a dynamic place where everything is constantly in motion. Like Earth itself, Bioversum never stands still, even for a second. We are constantly dreaming, experimenting, and developing. And only when we work together, can we achieve the big goals and create sustainable, life friendly processes, products, and anything else we choose to imagine. This is why it is so important to to share our vision, to work together, to inspire and be inspired. Each of us is a piece of the future, and working together with nature, we protect the futures to come.

A Transdisciplinary Studio

Like every successful ecosystem, the secret of Bioversum’s success lies in its members. From across multiple disciplines, these cutting-edge experts and inquisitive students come together to share knowledge. The result, is a creative, resilient, and regenerative ecosystem of innovation.

To know Bioversum, you need to get to know our members…

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Bioversume Education, Workshops, and Training

Our members work to bring nature’s principles into the hands of students, institutions, and companies. Firstly, we want to change the way organizations think. And then further help them improve their innovation processes by integrating nature inspired systems. Workshops and courses are held regularly, while personalized trainings are available upon request.
Come learn about nature inspired innovation.


Bioversum projects and collaborations

Working alongside innovative, transdisciplinary partners specifically chosen for their expertise, Bioversum works on projects that bring together education and development. This approach ensures future growth integrates into the development process itself and promotes resilient, sustainable, renewable solutions attuned to the local environment.
See the current and future projects we are working on.


Bioversum collaborates on research

Evolve to Survive, one of life’s most pressing principles, has taught our members about the importance of constant Research. In collaboration with institutions and individuals, Bioversum members look to develop innovative nature based processes and technologies. We encourage opportunities to explore creative ideas.
Contact us to create research studies for future implementations.