Chemistry, color, sound, texture, density… nature puts no limits on the vast palette of elements used to design its canvases. Following nature’s model, at Bioversum, we are constantly adding to the richness of our own palette through research. Working with agencies and organizations, we look to push the limits of how far we can integrate with nature.

the Research Laboratory

Whether we are in a building or out in the field, all of nature is our laboratory.  Partnering our biomimetic and circular economy experience with educators, researchers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, we develop new models to mimic nature’s genius directly in production. This creates new sustainable economic, social, structural, and educational innovations powered by nature-inspired processes!

In 2017, along with a group of partners, we were awarded our first research funds for the international project, Hydrousa. While this project engages a significant portion of our team, we have requests from more groups that could benefit from our expertise. As a consequence, you can find us involved in several international research applications.

Collaborative Innovation

If you have a project in the works or would like to explore possible areas for research and innovation with a nature-based lens, contact us.