Look closely to nature, and you
will understand everything

-Albert Einstein

What is Bioversum?

Bioversum – Nature Inspired Systems is a non-profit organization registered in Austria dedicated to furthering the dissemination and integration of innovations inspired by nature through education, research, and collaborative projects. We work on theories, methods, and tools in the fields of Biomimicry, Circular Economy, Circular Design, and other nature-inspired approaches. Our membership includes natural, social, and applied scientists, inventors, engineers, designers, architects, entrepreneurs, managers, administrators, and companies alike who wish to contribute to the co-creation of a sustainable future, and as such, collaborate on research and projects that lead to systemic sustainability and social innovations.

Bioversum education


Our members work to bring nature’s principles into the hands of students, institutions, and companies who want to change their way of thinking and look to improve their innovation processes by integrating nature inspired systems. Workshops and courses are held regularly, and when more appropriate, can be personalized based on a partner’s needs. Come learn about nature inspired innovation.

Bioversum projects


Working alongside innovative, transdisciplinary partners specifically chosen for their expertise, Bioversum works on projects that bring together education and development. This approach ensures that future growth is integrated into the development process itself to promote resilient, sustainable, renewable solutions attuned to the local environment. See the current and future projects we are working on.

A Nature-Inspired World Vision


Our Vision is to contribute to the field of eco-friendly innovation and address sustainability issues through collaborative design approaches. Inspired by a deep respect for nature, we use the natural world as a model for sustainable design and development, and with nature-inspired innovations and processes, are changing today’s technocratic world into restorative and regenerative landscapes.

Our Mission is the advancement and dissemination of nature-based systems through real-world application and education across multiple fields. And we want you to be an active part of it.

We invite you to become a part of the Bioversum ecosystem and an active contributor to the regeneration of our world.

Find Out How

3.8 Billion

Years that nature has been innovating and creating conditions conducive to Life.

Zero Waste

Nature produces abundance and incorporates byproducts into the system.


Percentage of biomass on the planet made of plants and animals.


Nature constantly repeats successes and builds on adaptations that work.



Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.

-Antov Chekhov


Theories and processes provide foundation, but the only way to discover if a design works is to put it into practice. For this reason, Bioversum members dedicate a large portion of their time to the development of multi-tiered projects that apply the principles of biomimicry and circular economy and design.

As individual professionals and as a collective, we collaborate on a number of projects that use nature-inspired processes in the development cycle, including projects funded by commissions within the European Union, such as Horizon 2020, and institutional grants.

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Innovations inspired by nature for systemic sustainability

Natural ecosystems have been working sustainable for over 3.8 billion years. Learning from these successful systems, we can create sustainable human systems that work in harmony with nature.

Nature produces no waste. Materials-and with them stored energy-are passed through multiple cycles until decomposers, elements such as fungi and bacteria in the soil, break down the last digestible molecules. Life relies on the combining of a limited number of chemical elements and the eternal energy of the sun to create an endless palette of natural wonders. And while plants use only 1-2% of the available solar radiation for photosynthesis, this is sufficient to support an amazing amount of organisms that rely on phyto-biomass.

In short, nature has evolved a number of basic principles to create its regenerative cycles of life. Looking to these, we can find sustainable blueprints for our own creations. Bioversum does just that. Through Biomimicry, Circular Economy, and Circular Design, we use nature inspired systems to develop innovations with you.

Discover Nature-Inspired Processes